Wr 450f Question

I have a ktm 200 xcw 2 smoke, I know the 450 puts out way more power but in terms of power delivery would the 450 be snappier than my 200? I find that my 200 hates to go slow, the bike can lug with no problem at all, but it just feels right to have the bike on the pipe you know? The bike feels happy on the pipe. Is the wr450f able to go slow/lug for long periods of time? Is it happy at low speeds or at high speeds? Every time I want to take my time and go slow on my 200 I end up on the pipe naturally without even realizing it haha, it's a heck of a lot of fun, but sometimes it's nice to slow down a little you know? So is the 450 a good lugger? And also, how often do you typically have to play with the valves & adjust them?



Very good torquer down low. Do all the mods and the zipty emulsion tube mod. Talking about the carb version obviously.

Valves almost never move.

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So far I've found that it can idle around in first and second without stalling, it can climb hills in second with ease, and it can get to 70mph faster than I need it to and I've reached a top speed of 94 on the on board computer.

It can lug around single track then blaze down atv trails. I just don't know what it would be like comparing it to a 2T bike because I've never ridden one. The noise just irritates me to be honest.

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You can jet and tune your 200 to have tons of predictable low-rpm torque, with the power valve (if yours is new enough), and with jetting, and with exhaust flange sizes.

But then you will loose the 'hit' and top end. 

Such is a two stroke.


A four strokes power is linear, and not dependent on the load + rpm, like a two stroke is.

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