Terminator cable problem. Help!!

I'm stumped. My new terminator throttle cables seem to be binding in the throttle grip housing or that is what it seems. the cables work fine, no binding if free, but install the housing and the throttle tube and major binding. The OEM cable's plastic section that fits in the housing is noticably shorter than the terminator. Other than that, they seem the same.

Anyone who has installed the t2 cable notice this? Did I get the wrong part?


are you sure you tightened the throttle housing screws equally...might try loosening the screws just a tad and then re snug them..i have had that problem

I'm also using the Terminator cables, but with a bilet throttle tube. At first, the new calbes seemed to bind a little, but they quickly broke-in and are now slick at a baby's butt. There is a possiblity that you have the wrong cable assembly since these assemblies come with the matching guides that fit inside the housing. I ordered mine from White Brothers and still have the original package with the part number on it. However, it has so many numbers on it, I'm not sure which ones represent the part number. If it helps, it has these numbers as written...(1508E) 08E1. This is for a '00.

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