Upgrading to a new model oil pump

After some reading,should I upgrade the 2006 yz450f oil pump with the 07-09 oil pump and if so,what else needs changing while I'm there ?

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see how this is an upgrade if the part numbers are the same.

The only current replacement is PN 2S2-13300-10-00, which is in fact a revision of the original 2S2-13300-00-00 the '06  was produced with.  Yamaha apparently thinks they only need to make one, and considers this the better of the two.  My original is still working, though. 

So,is it a better oil pump? My stock oil pump works fine,I thought maybe the new pump puts out more oil or a higher pressure ?

I'm not sure of the particular change made, but about the only thing would be a slightly thicker feed rotor set, which would increase the volume of that pump.  Volume is considerably more important than pressure, and the oil pressure isn't directly regulated by the pump assembly anyway. 


It may be related to some other change in the oiling system on the later bikes (like a bigger hole in the piston sprayer) that would make it important to use the new pump on the newer bikes.  My '06 seems to be happy with what it has, and the pump was in good shape when I saw it last.

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