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CFR150f rejet

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I have a 2014 150f model. Other factors are:

ProCircuit T4 complete exhaust system installed

K&N high airflow filter with snorkel taken out of box

I usually ride in MD & Southern PA where elevation is under 1000 ft, and summers are humid.

I purchased a Power Up Jet kit which includes:

108 & 115 Main Jet

Given the above info, any suggestions as to which Main to replace the stock with--the 108 or 115?

Fuel/Pilot Screw replacement

How far should this be turned out?

42 Pilot Jet replacement

What clip should I set it?

Given this is my first rejet, I assume testing your performance from the changes made just involves running thru various speeds, incline/declines, startup, bogging or backfire. Does the plug imply too rich or lean based on color...that kind of thing?

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Only if you want the most power with the least amount of noise, you must remove the air box restrictor from under the seat.

You need an 05 or older needle with the clip set at the 4th grove from the top (second from the bottom)

Use a 42 pilot and adjust idle air mixture screw for the fastest idle speed, then reset base idle the way you like it.

For sea level use a 110 main jet.

For 2500-5000 use a 108.

If you don't mind a slightly louder exhaust sound, remove (Only) the small center baffle from the center of the muffler. DO NOT REMOVE THE SPARK ARRESTOR SCREEN or It will make a really obnoxious noise that sounds like crap.


No other exhaust system will make more power on a properly jetted stock 150f than a stock system.

Again if your bike is stock and properly jetted:

If your aftermarket header pipe has a larger ID than stock you will be making LESS power than a stock exhaust will provide.

On a positive note; most aftermarket systems are lighter weight than stock.

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Well I already purchased the jet kit from here which only included a 108 and 115 main. I don't see where this site even sells a 112.

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