'12 Skid Plate. TMD or Works Connection

I shattered my stock plastic skid plate over the weekend and need to replace it before I ride again. I can't decide between the aluminum Works Connection or the plastic TM Designworks. What are your guys' recommendations?


Here are my assumptions about each, but feel free to set me straight if you have first hand knowledge.


Works Connection:

  • Better coverage
  • Stronger
  • If it bends from a hit, it won't return to original shape on its own
  • Comes with closed cell foam to keep mud from packing in between the plate and engine



TM Designworks:

  • Slipperier and will slide over rocks etc. easier
  • Quieter than an AL plate
  • Will return to original shape after an impact that deforms it
  • Kind of ugly IMO


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I am interested in this as well.

I can't believe Flatland hasn't built one yet. They said, "I haven't gotten around to designing it yet... People call all the time for them though."

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