Best Mirrors / Ignition key location

Just curious if anyone can post some pictures of where they have mounted their ignition key.  I just bought the Baha designs kit and I'm kinda wondering where the best spot to mount the key, behind the headlight, etc.


Also, I have not ordered any mirrors, there are many out there but maybe someone has some suggestions of which are better vs others.




Double take mirrors are top of the line, as are Highway Dirtbikes mirror assemblies.



Here you go.

I have an 08 wr450. I am running the double take mirrors and a sicass universal key switch.


The double take mirrors are great and highly adjustable. They do tend to slip a little on rough trails, but you can generally re-adjust on the fly.


The sicass switch has been great as well. I removed the stock push button main switch and put the key switch in its place. I had to do a little fabricating, but nothing major. My heated grip switch is located just below as seen in the picture.




photo (1).JPGphoto.JPGExcellent, just ordered the Double Takes...very nice.


I like the idea of the key switch in place of the stock main push button, I was trying to figure what to put there....


Thanks for the pic's as well, they always help you get a better perspective.


Here's a picture of my bike with some of my Moto stuff, and the start of the dis-assembly....

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