Spring Rates

RaceTRech claims that the stock WR450F 2004 has the following stock spring rates:

SHOCK SPRING 5.0 kg/mm and FORK SPRINGS 0.47 kg/mm

Can someone confirm this for mine Canadian Model? Thank you!

I just replaced the spring on my Canadian '04. I believe it is a 5.3. The bottom of the spring is marked with a paint dot indicating the rate. Mine had a yellow dot. Look towards the back of your owner's manual and it states what the yellow stands for.

I got a new Eiback (sp?) 5.6 spring. Per the manual, the stock spring is for someone that weighs 155 lb. I weigh 190 and my bike bounced around like a ping pong ball with the stock spring. Much happier with the new spring. Was around $90 here on TT.

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