I almost ate it bad!!!

Since I think my WR450F is a "motorcross" bike I tweaked out the suspension for a track near my house. You all know the WR will eat the CRF and YZF for lunch on the track :*).

Anyway, I hit the woods last week. I just blasted down the trail, and damn if I didn't almost fall making a hard right turn. Then I over corrected and almost fell again. When I first got the bike it was setup soft, you know for the WOODS! not a motorcross track. My setup is way too hard. I guess its either one type of riding or the other. I think I will stick to the motorcross track. It pretty bad having an XR100 blow by you at 30mph while I'm blowing miles of rooster tail without getting any traction.

Instead of giving up on the woods riding, why not just find some neutral suspension settings where it's rideable for both?

Why own a WR if you're only going to ride MX? :)

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