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ENGINE OIL 2006 crf 100

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Most important thing is to get in the habit of checking the level of  it every day you ride it.


If you plan to change it every 15 hours you will likely get around to it every 30. Plan for 15-20 for everyday trail riding, More often if you are doing any racing, if you ride in real humid areas, park it outside or real hot weather.

Once a year for sure even if you only ride it 5 hours.

Changing it often and you will have a motor that runs a very long time.

These are fairly safe limits. Lots of people change it far more often, lots of people will never change it and only add whatever oil they have laying around.

We would change ours about every 5 hours when racing. This got us an hour plus race and all the practice between races.

Oil changed, valves checked, air filter cleaned and chain adjusted before every race. That got us a bit over 200 hours between rebuilds on a 120 race motor.

Delo 20/50 oil and Rock Oil 4stroke.

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