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XT 350 Bike in a box !

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Whats up fellas, 


So I have been given an xt350 from a friend. This bike came to me in a few boxes and a trash can


I have some experience riding and wrenching But I have never torn down a bike this far. Nor have i tried to assemble one from a box. Should be just like the model car kits when I was a kid right ?


Now there is already issues with this build project. The original crankcase was shot. So he ordered a new one. Upon receiving it we found out all the bearings were dried and pretty rough feeling in the one we received. (not sure if I can just re use the old bearings) 


He did a bunch of research prior to giving me this bike and said he already had a list of the bearings or suitable replacements for the case. This is where the true problem I have today is. When the order arrived I tried to match up all the bearings and got lost. The bearings he ordered dont match the ones removed. I also dont know how to tell if they will work for this case. Not sure.


I am not to good at specific terminology talk so please try to explain simply as possible.


If anybody can help me Identify what I have and if it will work as well as what i may need. That would help alot. Attached are some photos. I will post more and can elaborate further if needed on any details. Thank you guys 





Attached are some photos of the bearings I ordered as well as the frame.  Plan for the build PAINT,REBUILD,RIDE!!







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I am trying to understand the different marks on these bearings. There are stamps on the outer ring and some have them on the inner as well.


For example on the inner ring on the original bearings they have a stamp (SH) 

On the replacements they are marked (CL) They are stamped in the same place Any ideas what these Stand for ?


Do the numbers on the bearing say what kind and size the bearing is?

Do the numbers change depending on company who makes them? 


I have been trying to research this but have yet to find a semi clear answer

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