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1988 CR250R Running Rich, please help!

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Hi I just bought a 1988 Honda CR250R. It is running rich I assume, because it keeps fouling plugs and black spatter out of pipe? Its also difficult to start, sputters in low rpm, only runs good wide open.


I took off the seat and looked at the air filter, needed a good cleaning. But upon trying to remove it, it appears it was glued in, and could not be removed in one piece. WTH? Still confused about that, and I'll need to order a new air filter.


I removed and dismantled the carb. It was surprisingly clean. I found it to have a 175 main, where my Clymer manual states it should have a 185. Should I order the 185? I want to remain stock and get it to where it runs real good. The air screw was found exactly two turns out, which matches what manual says. I found the float level a bit high at around 18.25mm, where manual calls for 16mm. Adjusted float to 16mm. The needle says "NR 1367" and looks to be in good shape, with the rest of the throttle valve assembly. Needle clip was 2nd position from the top. Possibly unrelated, but I also found a small gas leak coming from the tank mount area where a bolt had stripped out. Looks like a need a tank too?


Any advice here? I don't know a whole lot about these things, and help greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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