Let's talk about Pro's & Con's of Hotcams.

No the length of the pin in the first picture is correct. That's whats in the bike now and works perfect. :thumbsup:


You should just be able to look at it without even measuring. Shim it and go. If you really want some more performance put a little more compression on the piston cams love it.

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I've got Hotcams stage 1 cams in my 09 WR4450F and have had no trouble.  I replaced the stock cams because the auto decompression was not working right.  I could not find stage 2, but for the riding I do stage 1 is probably the way to go.  I've also used Hotcams stage 1 in a WR250F with no problems.  

That is great to hear assures my desire to fix the needless starting sequence. It will be done soon. But as it sits, without the auto-decomp it is a chore to ride and keeping it running.

The issue I had was they installed the wrong decomp pin in the cam. A "philosophical" discussion about this not being a "race part" issue and more of a "lazy assed" employee, netted me a front and rear wheel bearing set and a front fork rebuild kit from there sister company Pivot Works. Have used the bearing set but not the front fork kit as I have sold the stock WR forks. Anyone want to use the kit? Open cartridge forks.

I will take them. My forks just started leaking.

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