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DRZ250 Transmission fail.

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So, a couple of weekends ago my brother and I decide to go do some trail riding. First I quickly decided to tweak the position of the shifter so my foot can easily reach the gears while standing instead of sitting. Something I've been wanting to do for awhile. Felt uncomfortable No more than an 1/8 of a mile later while attempting to down shift, my bike's transmission got stuck in neutral. Usually when this happens it's when I bend the shifter up against the side of the case. I checked and that was not the case. So like Thumper in Bambi I finally I get the transmission into what I thought was first gear. No. It was 5th gear. &%$#@!?! Now it won't shift at all. So I slipped the clutch all the way back to troubleshoot the problem. Nothing was obstructing the shift lever, but the position it was in would've been in the 5th gear spot. It will not shift. The centering spring is still working but it won't change gears. We tried everything but make the problem worse. Totally bummed and anticipating a transmission overhaul I loaded the bike into the truck and went home in tears. I finally decided to tear off the clutch side cover to investigate. After removing all the crap out of the way I pry the cover off I found my problem. The cam stopper plate bolt had sheared off. The bolt/shaft keeps the cam stopper into position and orchestrates the transmission into the correct gear. In my opinion a cheap fix. 


So, 2 questions for you guys/gals:


A- Has this happened to any of you?


B- I'm a Cat Tech so tooling usually isn't a problem nor the idea of tearing down this tranny and engine.  Is the transmission case splitting tool really necessary. I know there are some press fit bearings in there but do any of you recommend this tooling for an overhaul job?

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