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2007 YZ250f Hard to start

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This is not a question, this is just a statement.  I found this bike very hard to start until i found this solution for myself. The bike starts great when cold even when hot most of the time, but sometimes, if you stall it or drop it or even just stop the bike, its feels impossible to start.  I have sat there for almost 20 minutes a couple of times trying to start this thing.  


Its almost like it floods when it feels like it.


Anyway they way I do it is, I turn the gas off, I lean the bike over and let fuel out of the drain.  Then i get back on the bike and hold the hot start lever and kick it once or twice.  Then it will start, and most of the time I don't have that issue again for the rest of the day.... weird eh..


Don't forget to turn the fuel back on, ive done this a couple times now.


If anyone has this issue or has a better solution let me know.  I have read lots of forums online and I still can't find the proper solution.  I know all bikes act differently so, perhaps a boysen quick start may do the trick here, I'm not sure.

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