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What all do I need with the JD jet kit to do the 3x3 mod?

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I want to do the 3x3 mod and redo the jetting on my Drz400s (2008). I figured I would get this kit here unless anybody has any better suggestions..



But my question is what else do I need along with the kit? Does it actually come with the main and pilot jets I need? If not what size should they be and where do I get them?


I heard there is also some screw ill need to get?


If someone would like to sit down and tell me step by step what I need to do that would be awesome but really I just need someone to give me a specific list of all the parts ill need and where to find them. I heard the kit comes with instructions though and I can typically copy people on youtube pretty well so once I understand basics I should be fine. Thanks!



Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if there's already a forum out like this...

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