Help Needed with Rear Fender Brace

I posted a similar question some time ago on the dual sport side, but got no response. I have an '02 WR 426 that is dual sported from e-line accessories. They use a YZ rear fender with the tailight, turn signals and license plate attached via 3 lock tight nuts. This configuration is somewhat heavy for the fender and consequentially has bent the fender in the center to where the plate gets sucked into the rear tire. :) E-line's solution to the problem is to, get this, "buy a second rear fender and glue it inside the other to give it extra strength" This is about as lame a solution I have heard. Has anyone experienced this problem? Has anyone got a solution that is reasonable, like an aftermarket brace?

What you need can be found here

web page for B&B aluminimun AU

The page on the site you want is here

web page for sub frame extender

Don't let the price scare you off. It's in Aussie$ so check the exchange rate. They take phone orders and shipped my sub frame to the states within 2 weeks of my order.

Ask for Wendy when you order, she's shipped parts to the US before.

I had the problem with a UFO rear light assembly bolted to a YZ fender on my WR450. A cheap, trick fix (thanks to TT) is to make 2 aluminum rods (from 3/8"dia stock) flattened on each end, and bolt them to the forward fender mounts and somewhere near the end of the fender on either side. Its rock solid. Plenty of G outs have proved that.

I tried that with two alumimun flat peices and the weight of them just made it worse. I did that stupid thing whats his name was talking about and trimed the edges of another YZ rear fender and bolted them together, it does help some, but still shakes albeit about fifty percent less. anyone know what the US price of that Aussie brace is?

I don't like it as much as the YZ's but you could get a WR fender, they have stiff side walls so it doesn't bend as much. I can sit on the fender, just in front of the tail light, and the fender hardly moves.

PM me with your email address for pics of my YZ rear fender UFO kit with 2 metal re-enforcement channels that cover the support and stiffen the entire YZ fender for the extra weight. Holds up well and will not bend without a crash. :)


The 3/8" rod mod is quite adequate and weighs only a few ozs. PM me for pictures if you want.

Indy and ETP, Can you post the pics of your braces on this post, some of the other guys am sure would be intrested.

I can't post but them. I can email them and somone else can post them. :)

I can't post mine either, but PM me and I will email the pictures. Already did for one guy. :):D

I can't post mine either, but PM me and I will email the pictures. Already did for one guy. :):D

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