2008 YZ450F clutch not engaging after changing the pads

After racing a hare scramble my clutch was very weak and when the bike got hot the clutch would be completely useless. So I decided to get a clutch kit and change the fiber plates, steel plates, and the springs. So I bought the "KG Clutch Factory - Extreme performance Clutch kit".



Once I got the kit I soaked the fiber plates in oil for awhile. Then got the bike all apart and took out all of the old plates, shook off most of the oil on the new fiber plates and put them in (one fiber and then one steel at a time). them put on the pressure plate and the new springs,* which seemed a bit longer than the older ones not sure if that was due to the compression of the old ones. Then the bolts that hold the springs down, *which I torqued to 120 in/lbs because I had nothing that would go lower. then just put the rest of everything back together and put the bike back upright.


So after this whole escapade I started up the bike and let it idle hoping the oil would lubricate anything the would need it before run. Then when I went to start moving I pulled in the clutch and put into first (clutch still pulled in) and the bike lurched and stalled. The bike did this multiple times and even when I got a running start the bike would go but when I wanted to stop I pulled in the clutch and the bike would not go out of gear.


so all in all, my clutch is not engaging and I'm not sure why. I put * next to the two things that I could see might cause problems but I am not really sure because It is my first clutch change since I bought the bike.

Any help is greatly appreciated and will most likely be tried


Thanks much

The problem is that it isn't DISengaging when you pull the lever in.  This is a common problem with lower cost aftermarket plate sets. The friction plates are made from the incorrect materials, and are too "springy/spongy" when new, and will expand into the neighboring steel plate when the pressure plate lifts.  Usually, if you can get the bike rolling and get it in gear, then ride it a while, ythe plates will harden up and settle in a little, and things will get better.  Be sure that in your efforts to get it to release, you don't adjust out all the free play, or you'll burn that one up in short order, too.

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