Free owner's manual VS. costly service manual

When I bought my '04 WR450 earlier this month, I was pleasantly surprised with the owner's manual the dealer gave me. I was expecting a generic owner's manual like the one I got with my Yamaha Grizzly (I think that manual tells you where the handlebars are and where to sit :)) However, the 450 manual has quite a bit of information re: maintenance, torque settings, engine specs, etc.

For those of you with the true service manual, are there benefits to throwing down the extra $60/70/80? I seriously doubt I will ever tear my bike down to the frame, so do I really need to spend the addt'l cash? What are the advantages of the service manual over the owner's manual?

Thanks in advance.

I bought a 2001 WR426 and a 2002 Yamaha TTR125L and they both came with factory service manuals. I had to buy them for all my other rigs, ie KLR was $65, Suzuki Eiger was $40 (cheap compared) and use a Chilton for the trail 90 and none for the rest. Yamaha seems to be including these service manuals with all their rigs now.

The original "Owner's Service Manual" is the same thing dealers use. It's simply the best manual out there. You won't find nearly as detailed info or as clear illustrations in a "Clymer's" or similar manual.

also if you get 3 3" binders from office max and a couple boxes of document protectors, you can cut the binding off the manual and seperate it into 3 book and then you can write on the doc protectors, tuning notes etc, without ruining you manual, also protectes it from grease and oil, and tearing since the pages are like rice paper. :)

I love the PDF versions of the manuals. When I want to find something, I simply search on the key word. I have an older laptop that I use in the garage, just for that purpose. I only break out the paper manual when I need it away from home (almost never.) Now, if they'd just get the manuals in PDF for the rest of their motorcycle line... :)

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