why I ride dual sport

Here is a picture of a roadside stop.  This spot is adjacent to a gravel road in Central MO that is 8 miles from the pavement.  The start of the pavement is 10 miles to the nearest highway and I can get here leaving from my house.  It is like this everywhere around me.  If I contiune on this road I get to a place that is covered in logging roads that have not be used in 15-20 years that goes throughout the woods.  Fun stuff.


Lets see the fun rides you can get to starting from your house.  Would love to see what it is like other places.




This is when I lived in Montana. You can ride almost any/everywhere!!!

Nice pic. We were on a road bike ride last weekend to a ski resort. Stopping to eat lunch and because pavement ended. A WR motored by to endless fireroads and backcountry trails. I think each of us were secretly jealous. The WR rider power shifted up as if to say "enjoy the ride back, I'm just getting started."

Rode up to the local reservoir which is low because of the drought we're having. There is an old railroad right of way normally under water, found an old pic from the 30's taken from the same place. Thought it was cool. On my wrr250 though not 450



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I'm with ya.... just bought a dual sport kit for my WR, can't wait to get it installed and out dual sporting! I had a DRZ400, great bike, but not so much if you want to get way offroad and on to real trails. No such issue for the WR!

I had a DRZ400E that I had plated.  Worked really well for the type of stuff I ride most often but it was not well suited for the rougher off road trail stuff I enjoy most.  Now if I could only figure out how to make the stuff I enjoy the most, the riding I actually do the most!  At least when I do I will have the right bike for it.  I do like the WR.  I think it is much more capable than the DRZ.


Here you can see the "road" in the background as it goes through the trees.  This is a county road that is numbered and on the map.  I think I am one of the  few that even knows it is here.  This is a few miles from my house.

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Ran across this a couple weeks ago, thought it was cool

Sheep Ranch, Ca..jpg

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