2010 YZ450F no spark after rebuild

A few weeks ago I put the chain on my 2010 yz450f through the case. So I took the motor out and bought a new case, piston, rings, gasket and seals and brought it to a well know mechanic that did awesome job. I got the motor back in and put everything exactly the way it was, I've been through everything 100 times. I went through the entire ignition system,  tested the kill switch, the coil primary and secondary side, and the stator, still no spark. I'm stuck I don't know what to do. 

Hey, have you solved your problem yet? Have you checked the flywheel? I have a similar problem at the moment. I put a new timing chain on and it wouldn't start anymore. I checked just about everything and then found out that the flywheel is damaged. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1409211681.994641.jpg

Yes I did. Sorry for the late reply. It ended up being something stupid. I had the kill switch plugged into the position sensor, some how. What happened to your fly wheel?

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