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IDAHO Riders (Near Boise and surrounding areas) Building on BLM

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Hey Folks!


My wife and I are considering moving to Idaho this spring.  Eagle to be exact.  Shake things up and get out of the hustle bustle of Silicon Valley for a few years.  I have tons of family there and practically grew up in Boise and surrounding areas.




So I know there is TONS of BLM land out there and most likey minutes from where I'll be buying a house.  Now, what are the restrictions for building on BLM land?  


I know there are trail systems forever out there but what about freeriding and hillside jumps?  Can I bring shovels out there and build natural terrain jumps?  Can I bring a bobcat out and really do work on a personal dream land area?  What's the rules and limitations and grey area here?  What if I brought a homemade kicker ramp and posted it up on BLM land? 



ALSO - If you have done this already yourself or have some rad pics/vid of some freeriding out in the hills of Southern Idaho please SHARE :) 





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