New Pro Tapers

I have a brand new pair of Pro Tapers, YZ high bend that are mounted but not ridden with yet, I thought they'd be taller. I'd like to either sell them or trade them to someone for a CR High bend or and RC bend. If ya want to buy'em I'll sellem for $75 plus shipping. They are the silver ones. Not even a scratch on them. Email me at if ya want to work a deal.

Shawn, what triple clamp did you use? If you bought an Applied clamp, they make stock, +5 mm and +10 mm bar clamps. Using the 5 or the 10 mm bar clamps will raise the bars. Also, I think the Protaper Doug Henry bend is the about highest PT bend.

I do have an applied clamp, but im trying to avoid throwing anymore cash at the thing if possible. But even 10mm higher wouldnt really be has high as Id like'em. But thanks for the info.

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