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2007crf 250r engine life/ problems

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G'day guys I have a 2005 crf250r that has seized and spat the Conrod through the crankcase. I am keen to fix the bike even though it is getting on I have found a 2007 engine that has had the bottom and top end redone with 20hrs on it. i am wondering on the main problems and whether the bottom ends are better in the 2007. I used to change both engine,gearbox and oil filter every 5hrs with Honda 4 stroke oil. I used to do the valves every 10hours and air filter whenever required,the 2005 only got 60hours before failure. I have also found a 2008 crfx motor that has a new bottom and top end in it. I'm mainly after advice on weather the 2007 crf250r motor is better than the 2005 I'm hoping for 80hours before a rebuild. I mainly ride a 2007 cr250r wich is extremley reliable but harder to ride around the track than the little crf. The cr I normally get 200 hours out of before pulling it down and replacing crank bearings and top end.

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