XR600 Jetting???

Hi all, I am looking for a bit of help, I have just rebuilt my 94 XR600R and I am looking for a rough idea of how to jet it as it was standard before the rebuild. It now has a full FMF powercore 4 with powerbomb headers, a 628cc wiseco 11:1 high comp piston, a hotcams stage 1 cam, and a foam filter. What settings should I start with??????? Please help! :D:)

Hi murd74,

I would ask FMF what they recomend, for what you have done minus the cam. Then go up two more main jet sizes from what they have said, and you should be very close. :)

Well FMF weren't much help! I got an e mail back saying, "we don't have a jetting chart for a 628" and that was it, not the most helpful answer, so can anyone else in here help me??

I've seen a page from a Japanese guy that listed the Scott Summers jetting specs for various modified XR600's. I can't seem to find it but I'll keep looking.

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