DRZ400 kicks Honda 450

My DRZ400S will kick any Yamaha 426 or Honda 450!!! Just kidding. Suzuki does rule though IMHO. You guys are sick. Who cares really?? These off-road/dual sport/motocross whatever bikes are getting just as competitive as sportbikes!!!??? Just get out there and ride your ass off!!! Remember---its mostly rider as less the bike that wins anyway. Have fun.

I agree. I have said some pretty stupid stuff about DRs. Mostly just good natured rivalry. But when it comes right down to it, its the rider. As has been demonstrated by Shane Watts. I also agree that it doesn't reall matter what you ride, lets go! :)

Are you two out of your mind.

It's the bike, all of it. Hell, dont you guys have auto pilot on the bike yet.... :)

Gentlemen, there are not many of us out there that can have alot of fun jabbing at each other and not get upset. Well done and keep twisting the throttle and you will get faster.... May crash a few times... :D



What are you responding to? You know that yellow "dandelion" can't hang with the big blue beast. Maby when it grows up a little bit. :)

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I'll tell you what. There was a DRZ in Moab ridden by Scarymyth that was kickin' ass.


I saw an awesome one at the track last weekend all set up for moto. He was hitting the triple with no problem. It definately stood out in the sea of blue thumpers and tried to blend in with my yellow YZ400.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

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