2009 YZ450 cylinder head

So I bought my 450 used a couple of years ago and I've had an hour meter on since day 1 of ownership. I'm approaching 100 hours that I've put on it. Problem is I have no idea how many hours the previous owner put on it so I have no accurate, actual hour count. What I'm wondering is when it comes time for the valves to be redone where would I send the head? As of now the valves are in spec and they haven't been shimmed. So I still have some time, but I just wanna have a plan in place when that time comes. Thanks.

One such place is http://www.mt-llc.com/headService.php


But your nowhere near there and may not even get there. The Yamaha valve train lasts, just be sure to grease the filter edge oil the filter and keep changing the oil. And :ride: her

pushing 200 hours on my yz250f and everything is still in spec smaller engine displacement but same desighn just keep your air filter clean and well oiled and grease the edge of the filter to keep dirt from getting thru and they will last a long time

Thanks Steve, exactly what I was looking for.

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