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Suzuki MT50 Trailhopper help

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Hi All,


Last week acquired a 71' with title that ran.  Its pretty hammered but most of it is there.

If anyone has had or has one now I could use some help with general stuff.


Firstly, the ignition switch seems like someone put a screwdriver to it and I don't have the key.

What are the positions?  Just two, on and off?  

Waiting for a battery ordered from ebay.  Should the lights come on even if the engine is not running in a certain key position?


2nd, the chrome knobs to loosen the handle bars for folding. What is the procedure to adjust height?  Are the collars at the base of the handlebars supposed to turn as well? Should the knobs unscrew completely? This thing is kinda crispy  so don't want to torque anything the wrong way.



3. I have a pdf copy of the shop manual but anyone have a pdf of the owners manual?


Any tips, comments and suggestions will be appreciated!



Really looking forward to getting this on the road.






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Located a blue parts bike so swapping a few things over to make it better.


Found out the cable to the oil pump is disconnected and not sure for how long.

Can I just leave the pump as is, cable dangling and will it still lubricate the bottom end and I just have to premix?


The plug is something not on any cross reference so got the right one at Auto Zone.

Figured out the handlebars were frozen but not now after WD40.


Service manual says the wheel air valves should be facing right, but both of mine face left. Big problem?


Probably going  to take the ignition switch to a locksmith to fabricate a key. There seems to be 4 positions to chooser from and hopefully the lights will work after the battery install.


The ear on the rear brake drum that holds the brake cable taught is broken.  Probably going to drill a couple of holes an zip tie rig it!


Things are adding up kinda quick and its not running  and title is not transferred yet lol!

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