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NEED HELP! Metal in oil

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Hello Fellow DRZ owners and TT'ers,


I'm worrying at the moment!


Bike info:

- Currently has 23000 kms

- I have owned it since it had 9000 kms

- oil and oil filter changed every 1000-1500 kms

- All locktite fixes have been done

- used 90% road 10% off-road. And off-roading was on road tires...

-Air filter cleaned every 5000 or so kms

-Original owner left the ACCT on.... I replaced the cam chain and installed MCCT

- valves checked every 5000 or so kms. Always in spec... never needed adjusting.

- bike was lightly crashed between now and the last oil change


So here is the problem....

Today I went to change the oil again, however this time I decided I would check and clean the oil sump screen FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Below is the screen I am talking about (after I had cleaned it already).





Problem is I found a shit load of aluminium shavings and bits in there. As can be seen below:





There was also a few similar sized pieces in the oil pan after I drained it.


So the question is... wtf is this and what do i do?

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Unless you have a catastrophic failure, I wouldn't look at that screen its takes a lot to clog it,  and all that could be from original breakin.


I know on mine , second oil filter change I had a large sliver of aluminum, I don't even now how it made it through the oil ports to make it to the filter, it was so big.  No telling what I had in that screen never bother to check it.

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I have one more minor problem....

I found two extremely small (Think 1mm long max and skinny) steel peices stuck to my magnetic sump plug.....

Is that something you would worry about?

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