Any Dunlop 773 reviews/news

Has anyone used this new 773 soft terrain tire yet? If so how is it compared to a 756?

Good Question GA426,

I also am useing 756's F&R from the advice of fellow TT'ers I was torn between the Dunlop and Michilin M12's the Dunlop's showed at my dealer 1st so that's what I got. To tell you the truth I can't imagine a better tire, but if it's out there (773?) like you I sure want to know. Sorry I didn't answer your question.



The 773 in my opinion, is a pure soft soil tire. Your thumper would destroy it rapidly on anything harder than groomed Copperhead type dirt. Although for sand, its pretty good. Ive become a new fan of the S-12, it hooks up great down here.

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