2003 YZ450F Bent Radiator?

Hi!  New to the thumper world with the purchase of a 2003 YZ450F for my son's 16th birthday.  Having bought the bike used and not having much of an eye for bikes (I'm a 4 wheeler guy!) we noticed after we got it home that the both radiators appear to either be bent forward (which seems odd as I don't see any damage indicating a massive reck...both radiators look almost new) or has aftermarket radiators that don't quite fit like OEM.   Regardless what is happening is the oil tank dipstick on the left side of the bike (which is up on the neck) cannot be removed to check the oil because the 1/2" 90 degree nipple coming out of the top of the both radiators are too far forward to allow the oil tank dip stick to be removed.  the 1/2" rubber hose which passes through the frame instead of being straight as it come out of the frame\neck on either side bends forward approx 3/4" to align with the 1/2" 90 degree aluminum nipple coming out of the tops of both the left and right side radiators.   


My question is has anyone seen this before and if so, how to I fix it?  Doesn't appear like the previous owner cared much to check the oil and the only way to access the dip stick is to remove the left side radiator.  Also, the oil tank was extremely low when we changed the oil (no reading on dipstick when we checked it once we could finally get it out!)


Any help from you experts out there is greatly appreciated!



Oil level will read low or off the stick even when full unless the engine has bee run within the last 15 minutes or so.


Pictures of the radiator situation would help.  Sounds like the wrong ones on the bike, frankly.

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