Stefan Merriman's 2013 WR450F race bike


"For events held entirely in these trickier conditions, a heavier flywheel weight is used to help the rear Dunlop find traction."


So much for reducing reciprocating mass to make the bike feel lighter !


Flywheel weight is only part of the equation there. The piston, con rod and crank all play a part as well. Bigger displacement means more weight for all those components, and more reciprocating mass affecting handling.

Bike looks good!

Good find - interesting to me that they went with the stock front brake. And I guess bark busters and radiator guards are for the weak!

How do I get that carbon fiber tank!

You would probably have to get rid of the battery to run that lower subframe?  That ECU looks cool too, I never seen that one before.

Midlifecrisisguy doesn't have a battery/starter/etc... he might be able to do it.



Mine's tricker than that...for a leaky carb version...

I've seen Stefan race Six Days before. It's insane what he and the other top Euros can do on a bike in the nastiest conditions that are nearly impossible to walk let alone race on. That bike is awesome!

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