2000 YZ426 Chain Length - Can I shorten it??

I just got a new chain. The std length is 114 links, but I see that the rear wheel is slightly behind the center of the adjustment slots in the swingarm - meaning that there is more room to tighten it then to loosen it.

Does anyone know if there is anything wrong with taking out a couple of links? It would only push the wheel about 1/2" forward, and that would almost perfectly center it.


Sure you can shorten the chain. You can either buy a chain tool or just use a grinder to grind down the pin, then use a punch to knock it out. The bike will handle surprisingly different though. With the axle forward, it will turn quicker but be less stable in the air. Most MX'ers use a chain that will allow the axle to be as far back as possible, that's my preference too.

I bought a new O-Ring chain and accidentally cut it too short, now my back wheel is almost all the way forward, about 1/4 inch of threads showing on my adjusters...wow what a difference in handling (I've now been formally introduced to headshake). I bit it and ordered another new chain to move the wheel back just past center (leaves a little room to tighten it later).

I did the same thing too! Got another master link and added one more chain link. Am I doing harm by having two master links in the chain? I guess the good thing about it is if I ever downsize my sprockets, I can take one master out and be good to go! Good luck to you!

I personally like the wheel as far forward as possible! I like the quick steering. A little shake coming out of a turn is fine too.

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