A relluse clutch or weighted flywheel to prevent stalling?

I bought a 06 yz450f. I notice in the woods mainly climbing hills when I lug it it likes to stall. I was wondering which would help more the rekluse or flywheel? The gearing is currently 13/50.


Thanks for any help, Mike

I have a 09 YZ450F that I ride single track with and when I first bought it I stalled constantly. I went with a rekluse EXP 3.0 and no more stalling, I also added a 51 tooth rear sprocket and a 18" rear wheel with a trials tire. The only problem I have is I need a catch tank or if I stop and wait on someone I have to shut it down to keep from boilover, but it starts on 1 kick hot or cold.

Properly set up, a Rekluse is undeniably better at preventing stalling than the flywheel, but i recommend a weighted flywheel anyway for its other benefits. 

I have a rekluse exp on my 07 yz450 along with a gytr flywheel weight, Its great in the tight stuff, but every once in a while i would still stall. I have adjusted the cable many times and just now have it about dialed in, definitely wish i wouldve put a new clutch cable on when i put the rekluse in, after figuring out my old cable kept stretching and causing problems I replaced it with a motion pro t3 and seem to have it pretty well dialed in now. Even at that every now and then ill find  myself maybe in a gear too high and end up stalling going through a rock garden or a log or somehting while rolling the throttle. For me it seemed like the flywheel weight made the power a lot more usable with the rekluse, at first i didnt have it installed to see what it would feel like,but ended up sticking with the flywheel weight..and im running a 19in rear, 13/51 gearing

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The flywheel actually will have the effect of increasing torque output slightly at very low RPM because it helps keep the engine running at a more constant speed  between power strokes.  Because it will slow down less between thumps, it will not have to make up that lost velocity on the next stroke, which means more of the power from each thump can be used to move the bike.  Most noticeable at really low speeds, not even detectable at high RPM or under acceleration.   All upside, no down.

Thanks for the info. After reading the information provided I will end up with both. One more question, with a hydraulic clutch how does that affect using a rekluse. or does it?



I added a 10 oz heavier flywheel from here it makes a huge difference in the tight stuff!

 with a hydraulic clutch how does that affect using a rekluse. or does it?




Depends on which Rekluse. A hydraulic would be fine on the Core EXP, but I don't see it doing very well with the Z-Start Pro or the EXP 3.0 because of the free play variances with those two designs.  There'd be no reason to want one with the ZSP.

The bike came with the hydraulic clutch installed.

I guess I'll be the first to suggest that you practice clutch control.

Try a 51 or 52 tooth sprocket.  I have about three rides on my '09 woods bike.  I have the heavy flywheel.  Stalled it a lot with 50 tooth. Better with 51.

I was thinking about trying the bigger sprocket with a heavier flywheel. It does not stall a lot, just at the most imopportune time. That combo might be all I need.

I practice clutch control every time I ride.

Run heavy flywheel and 18 inch rim with idle up a little works great, you will get better with clutch, if money is no issue why not get the reluse too.

My 450 has a flywheel and gearing changes. Every other riding group buddy has a Rekluse of some sort.

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