Spark problems

Hi I have 2003 wr 450.the problem I have is I am not getting spark when I kick the bike. The battery is dead and I need a new one.i have hooked a jump pack up and I get spark with the button but not when I kick the kick will not start either way.

Has it been parked or sitting without being started for a while? If so the carb is probably going to have to cleaned least the idle jet probably.


 How are you checking for spark when you kick it? I cannot see it sparking with your jump pack but not with kick starter. Usually they both work or both don't.


 Also be careful as some bikes as well as some newer cars and trucks do not much like to be jumped.It is possible to fry electronics. Not sure on the 450's though.

The battery is needed on your model to complete the circuit, to get spark


Need waaay more info to help you

Well it all started when I rode across the simpson desert. Everything was working fine.after the third day of riding the electric start was not working.i started to use the kick start as the button was not.kicking ok. Then near the end of the day I pulled up to a cattle off to open it and the bike stopped.i went to start it and it took 10 minutes of kicking before it started.then not long after that I snapped the chain and smashed the main casing.ride over.i have finally got around to rebuilding it , so yes it has been sitting a while. I will clean the carby this week,after rebuilding it I kicked the bike for 20 minutes and it eventually started. I let it run for 10 minutes tuned it off. I kicked it over first kick after turning it off.The next day I went to see if it would start, kicked for half an hour and would not start. Hasn't started since. Pulled spark plug out and earthed on the engine and found my spark problem.checked all resistance ohms for kill switch,stator,ignition coil,all electrical, all in spec.i just don't know why you would not get spark when kicking when plenty of times I have started the bike with a flat battery.was thinking of the cleaning the carby. Thanks will do that this week and see how that goes.

I agree with Kah, get a new battery to complete the circuit. Cheapest method and clean the carbs too while your at it if it has sat for a while. Report back after the replacement, I am curious on this.

Disconnect your battery and it will start. That one is so shot, it's hogging all of the power from your stator as the engine is cranked (by kicking). This is why it takes 10 min to kick it. You're slowly recharging the battery enough to get a little spark to your engine. I've seen this in some cars before, where the batteries are so bad that if you disconnect it, and jumpstart the car, it will run fine, but the minute you put the cables back on that bad battery, it will kill the engine.

Thanks for all advice, I have finally got around to cleaning carby. I have ordered new battery, should be hear in next day or two. I found a new problem that explains a lot. I pulled the stator cover off to check the starter clutch and found the Waldorf key was Brocken, so magneto was spinning on crank shaft. I think it must of broke after I got it going last time.hoping carby clean, new battery will work. Will let you know how I go next week.

The 03's had a problem with the crank key. You should do a google or T. T. search. I recall they used locktight to help fix it.

stevethe is correct about that.

It was first thought that they just left a bunch of flywheel bolts loose from the factory but later discovered that when the bike kicks back from a failed start or stall it can shear the key.

In my experience it can also screw up the electric start clutch or your starter motor as well as the gears that are between the starter motor and the engine.

In '04 they added a sort of mechanical clutch in the gears between the starter motor and engine to prevent this.

It is a good mod and well worth doing it although it will set you back a little over a hundred to hundred and fifty dollars...or at least that is what it cost me..... but that was quite a few years back, probably a lot more now.

Thanks all for battery, clean carby and it started first go.think while it is running good time to trade up to a newer one.

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