14/15 yz 450 gearing

I broke in my 15 yz 450 this past weekend, its been 4 years since I rode a yami and im really happy I went blue. I bought a 15 ktm and rode it twice and felt it was so far from my comfort zone I sold it and picked the yami up. For suspension off the showroom floor it is truly great suspension the front end is so plush im tempted to just put springs in it but I think the valving will not match my heavy springs. Motor is unreal from the mid up it seems to never stop pulling , the low end is decent but like ive read it is a little jerky, I tried the preston map knowing the 15 mapping is slightly different but felt it could be a little richer, the preston map was ok but I almost like stock better. I want to gear it down a tooth or two so I can really use 4th more, 3rd is good but not enough im still clutching sometimes to get it into the mid. The bike came with a 13/48 and I was going to try a 49 but I remember on my 12 crf and a ktm I had I put the "natinal" gearing that some call it on there which was a 14/51, has anyone ran this gearing on the 14 or 15 yami? It is roughly a 2 1/2 teeth lower but it takes za lot of stress of the chassis and motor , on the honda it made a really nice difference. Id like to gear it before the weekend but not sure on that ratio so im hoping someone here has ran it.


Sorry, haven't tried different gearing yet - actually liked the 13/48. Might go 13/49 but would like to try 13/48 a few times before I make changes. I too tried the Travis Preston map but liked my made up break in map better. +1 fuel all cells except the first one at +2 and 0 at all timing except +1 on the first one. Mid to top was ridiculous with this map. Need a larger brake rotor to slow it down. I didn't think the off idle response was as abrupt as the 10-13, but I am running a G2 Ergo 200 throttle cam to prevent whiskey throttle. Enjoy the new ride!

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