04 WR450 Mods

Is cutting the grey wire really as simple as it sounds? Does it have to be wired to somewhere else or do you just cut it tape it and leave it alone? My bike ran like crap the first two days I rode it so I had my dealer check it out and they rejetted it, cut the throttle stop, told my to pull the butt plug out. It seems to run very strong after that. Will cutting the grey wire effect the jetting or tuning? How much more can I gain by opening up the knockouts on the right side of the airbox? Do I need to replace the stock butt plug with something else?

you do not have to cut the grey wire it can be pulled out off the plug cluster very easy and yes it does make a differance the wire is for emissions control the yz`s do not have the grey wire. :)

Thanks for the reply, do you happen to know if it effects the jetting or tuning? Does it only change the exhaust output curve?

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