Another Splendora Ride

Man,dont you just love this track! Motoman393 and I will be riding there on Saturday along with a few friends, so if any of you Houston Thumpers can join us, meet us there. Later.


That sounds good...the track should be in primo shape! So hopefully you guys can come out and ride! Later,


Hey Motoman,

Have you all had much rain this week ? I would like to come back Saturday but was concerned about the track conditions after the rain we have had down here in the Beaumont area this week.

Let me know about the rain.

I'll call you also to get the scoop.

Later, Jason

For anyone who doesn't have the number, it's 281-399-3278. They're currently working to prep the track and dry it out...they plan on being open Saturday morning.

We have barely got any rain here in Friendswood (like .2" or something)! I talked to Robert (owner of Splendora) and he said they didnt get too much rain and they will be open Saturday...I will be there by 9:30am or so on Saturday! Hope to see yall there! Later,


I'll be there on Sunday.

Later, Jason

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