The hymec system I installed had been flawless, untill a week ago. It has sprung a leak at the slave cylinder, which caused air to get into the system. I had to come up with a way to bleed it, without Maguras little bleeder kit, which involved a few choice words, and lots of mineral oil, but I eventually got it figured out.

Is there a rebuild kit available for these things??? Anybody have a parts breakdown for them???? Its getting old having to refill and bleed it everytime before I go riding.

Does it leak from the threads where cap screws onto slave cylinder ? If so Magura knows about it and have made a new type of slave. They say I can have my replacement in a few weeks.

Its actually leaking from the rod side. But if they are having problems with the model I have, it should be replaced then. The part is only about six months old. Did you deal with Magura directly, or your dealer???

BK14MX, I went to my dealer here in the UK they have been aware of this problem and pushed German company Magura to address it.Just a few tips on installing; I needed to file the cable holder and twist it a little so the slave cylinder could have free play when you pull it back and so the rod pulled "dead straight" My first one leaked as yours does and after fitting the second one as above, no problems.

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