Manual for new 2012 WR 450

My buddy just purchased a used 2012 WR450 without the owners manual, I justwent to the Yamaha site and was only able to download a very abbreviated manual, it only covered up to periodic maintenance. Is that what you get with the bike not a great manual like you get with a YZ?



They come new with an "Owner's Manual" that is a full service manual.

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Anyone found a good/cheap source for a PDF version?  My book is getting a little trashed, and it's generally a lot nicer to just look at manuals in PDF where you can magnify, etc.  The Yamaha site lists a manual for like $80, but I'm not sure of that is for the paper or PDF version... Having the manual, no way I'd spend that kind of money to get a digital version. 

Its free from the ausie site

Some models dont have the full service manual version though but its worth a look and seeing.

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Pm me your address and I'll send you mine. I got two. Bought my 2014 wr used (5mi). Bought a manual. Then the original owner mailed me the manual. Tool kit. Etc

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