04 yz450f clutch HELP!

Hey guys I'm new to the forum an need some help. I have an 04yz450f an the clutch pressure plate is hitting the clutch cover? I have taken the cover off an cross referenced everything seems to look how it should but something is off an I'm not sure what it could be any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Are you sure it's hitting the cover, or does the cover just have a little clearance cut on it?  If it's actually hitting, you might have a loose clutch boss nut on the main shaft, or the right side main shaft bearing might have too much end play in it.

Yes it's for sure hitting the cover..I can move the basket itself back an forth just a little bit of play are they suppose to have some play? Thanks for your response an help!

Play in and out along the axis of the shaft?  Not very much, no.  It might also have an aftermarket clutch in it with plates that are thicker than they should be.  It's probably hitting in the area where the Yamaha logo is.  If you can't find anything wrong, grind a small amount out of that area and hold it against the case cover with no gasket or screws and then work the clutch.  You should be able to feel it if it hits

I'm not sure if it's aftermarket or not is there anyway to upload videos on here? That way you could see what's happening It is pressing where the yamaha logo is but it would need a lot ground off it flexes the cover a lot

Got the clutch lined out the pull arm was in the wrong place so keeping the clutch engaged...now my question is the arm is pretty far back from what I've seen before anyone know what style clutch cable bracket I need? ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1409430562.849186.jpg

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