2006 yz450f running hot

I'm new to Thumpertalk so sorry for any dumb questions ahead of time.. So I have a 2006 yz450f that i just purchased, guy I got it from let me know that it runs hot when trail riding because it's built for racing. I took it out last weekend and sure enough it got hot and started smoking due to the heat. Anyone else out there have the same problem? If so what can I do to help the situation and keep it from getting too hot, thanks in advance for any replies.


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Three things that will help a lot:


1. Boyesen Super Cooler oversized water pump

2. Radiator fan

3. Change out the coolant, use an ethylene glycol mixed 50/50 with water and the appropriate amount of Water Wetter.


I did the Super Cooler on my '09 and added a coolant catch bottle from a 2006 WR450F just in case I do boil the coolant which has not happened yet.  All I ride is tight single track.

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