2000 Yamaha Wr400 Stator Options?

Hey guys,  Well I decided to make a little opps a couple of days ago on my Wr400.   A  newb mistake that I WONT MAKE AGAIN.   Anyhoo.....


Long story short (Flywheel Puller bolts to far in and ruined copper winding)


So Contact alot of companies over this past week and everyone pointed me to RICKY Stator.   Called him up and sent him some photos of my stator.  To see if he could rewind it for me.   He says that "YES" on the copper part that you can see he can rewind.   BUT  incase in the white epoxy you cannot rewind because of the VERY SPECIAL super thin wire the use for the ignition part of the stator.   Well   I ask what my alternatives was and he suggestion ebay and second hand.   Well no luck there.   2nd.  Is he stock OEM stock ones for $275 out the door.   So before I dump that kinda cash.  Does anyone know of any cheaper places to get these WR400 stators?


Heres some pictures...




Personally I depend on my bikes, so NEW OEM only!

I agree. Was just hoping if there was another place to score it alittle cheaper. But I suppose you always get what you paid for. Im hoping to place my order next week if nothing turns up.

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