Sea Level 04 mods

What free mods & jetting setups are a must ??? {sea level}

I'm getting off a 2001 KX 500 & don't want to be in shock in regards to my new 450 being to drastic of a change in terms of thrill.

I do realize that it maybe somewhat less exhilarating, but i'm at the age in which that maybe a welcome change !!! :)

I should mention that my new bike is a Canadian model. I believe that the exhaust is the same as the U.S. model with a slight variation in jetting :D

I'm sure everyone will tell you the same: All of them and some extra $ one's, if you want the most out of your bike. :)

Look at either my or 5spokes signature and do those mods, then spend as much money as you want. Im coming from an xr650r and I love it. Good luck. :):D :D

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