Wr426 rubber airbox guard/shield where does this go?

So I thought I had taken enough pictures before embarking on replacing my rear spring(new to me bike) so that I could reinstall as it was but for the life of me I can figure out where this rubber guard goes back in? Looks like it goes in between the two upper frame pieces but can't figure out a good way without bunching up coolant hoses. Anybody have any suggestions/picture as it would be appreciated. Looks like previous owner did the airbox mod for me as you can see.

Thanks in advance

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1409405459.793287.jpg

It sits like so:

I modified mine a little and made an extra cut out so the coolant lines had a cleaner route (Hope the pics give enough detail).



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 Those are supposed to keep water if you are riding in a downpour from draining down off your gas tank and getting into the airbox.


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