Camshaft cover issues

I adjusted the shims on my valves for in spec clearances. My intake Camshaft is complete but for some reason I cannot complete the exhaust. I will seat it down and put the cover on, which seems to be more difficult than it should be, and when I torque it down even far below the torque specs given in the service manual the exhaust camshaft has no play. The intake I can move a bit with my pinkie but the exhaust beats my fingered up just trying to move it at all. I have applied plenty of assembly lube and my clearances are in spec with the cover on. What am I doing wrong?

Don't know if it makes a difference but it currently is in yz timing with 12 pins between the 12'clock punch holes.

Are you using a torque wrench?

Have you torques the camshaft cap bolts down in the correct sequence?


Both of the above are crucial


Torqued it to tight and ovaled out the camshaft seat... Besides spending the money to have it milled out, anything else I can do? Is $160 worth milling it?

Ovaled the bore in the head or in the other half that bolts on ? Seems fishy.

How did they determine that ?

Did you release the timing chain tightenr ?

Ovaled the bore in the head. They said that when you rotate the camshaft it tightens in only one spot. Showed me and it makes sense.yes the timing chain tensioner was off completely

Are you sure your not feeling the decomp pin?

This doesn't make sense.


If you ovaled the camshaft bores, it would be lose in one direction, normal everywhere else.


The bores are much, much softer than the camshaft journals, so the camshafts should be OK.


I can see if you over tightened a camshaft cap that maybe you could distort the cap and cause it to wear in one area.   But I don't think it would reform in another area to cause tightness.


Are you using the stock camshafts that came out of the bike ?  Have you mic'd them ?


What happens if you put plastigage in the bores and install them, including torquing them down ?   The shop manual covers doing this.  What do the clearances look like ?


Any chance your head bolts are loose or your head is really warped ?   Ever hydrolock the engine ?


What torque are you using and what torque wrench are you using to apply it ?   Seems mine were 7 ft lbs, 84 inch pounds ?

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