Looking for new Bike for wife

After 58 days of motorcycle ownership I think my wife has outgrown her 01 TTr125L. Since she has no interest in anything but riding the local motocross track I am looking for a 2-stroke motocross'r for her. She is 5'6", 115lbs. She is bottoming the TTr on most every jump. She rode a 93 CR 125 lastnight that I lowered as much as possible. She was comfortable with everything about it, except the weight. I thought it was still a little too tall, she was unable to start it. Then she rode a 01 KX 85. Loved that, just thought it was too small. So now I am thinking a CR 80 Expert or a KX 100?????? Any suggestions, comments or leads on these two bikes and my situation would be great. Thanks in advance

Check the womens forum on Dirtrider.net - you'll probably get a lot more 1st hand info over there.


My wife went the same route yours did. Started on the four stroke - rode the wheels & suspension off of it. I got her a 2000 YZ125. She is 5'2 105lbs. She rips on this thing, The Carb on the 2000 is the 36mm not the 38mm on the 2001. Therefore, she is able to use the power in the entire range. The best part also is this: No suspension work necessary. I also have had to put Procircuit pipe & VForce reed kit & SDG seat(so she can stay on it) - because she wanted more power.It is crazy, now she wants me to send the motor off to Eric Gorr Racing for a 134kit. She is actually faster than a lot of the guys out at the tracks. Now she is trying to qualify for Loretta Lynns....Now the four stroke has turned into her "Trail Bike". You should be able to buy the 2000 125 for a great price, Don't forget the topend kits...

Thanks for the input. Ga426owner, I think that eventually my wife will be on a 125. We took one to the track Wed night and she did not care for the height or weight of it. She said it was top heavy. Maybe I should have mentioned that she has only been riding for 58 days also! I think we are going to get a friends 98 RM 80. Thanks

What are you going to do w/ the TTR? I'm looking for a bike for my wife.

Incidently there are a number of hop ups for the TTR 125 (see recent MXA), most notably from BBR that might remedy your problems (the TTR's are notorius for bottoming until the shocks/forks are redone).

Isn't the KX100 the only bike that is truly in between the 80's and a 125?

Maybe this bike would work perfectly for her?

“Looking for new Bike for wife”

Linemup, from that title I thought you were looking to trade a new bike for your wife. I was going to make an offer. :)

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