Wr426 starts cold without choke?

New to me 2002 wr426f that has low miles/hours but the previous owner said he barely rode it a couple times of year.

I got it home and it won't start with choke on, but it will kick over cold with no choke and after starting it will shut off if cold when I open throttle. It will stay on while warming up once I put choke on. It does pop a little while running but not excessively. Runs great when riding so far. I have notice that if it comes off throttle sometimes it will die if I let it idle too long at a low rpm. My question is if this means it's running too rich. Previous owner did gray wire, air box lid mod, yz timing, gytr baffle insert and it looks like tps is disconnected. Just to take a look the carb has a 42 pilot jet and is the fuel air screw is 1.5 turns out. I live and ride at 500-2000 feet in New England.

While I don't mind be able to kick it over first kick cold, it does seem odd to me.

Any suggestions or things to check would be appreciated.

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