rim lock torque specs

How much should these be tightened on an 03 WR450 front & rear? I couldn't find it in the manual :D. Thanx!

Smoke :)

Check into the MX Bonz rim lock spacers. They let you really torque those suckers down without worrying about damaging the rim www.mxbonz.com

Yah, I like the ones by Fasst Co. They look a little smaller than the mxbones one's.

Good question though, ... I just snug them down, like 15 pounds. I should probably go tighter.

I noticed the Fasst Co spacers are a little slimmer and trimmer. Whichever ones you buy, both will do a good job...My local Yami dealer, DGY, has the MX Bonz stuff in stock. I talked to the owner of Bonz a while back when I was installing my Loc Down device. He was very helpful and took the time to make sure I got it right so I'm kind of partial to them.

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