2014 450 how 2 remove coupler

Im yanking pulling and cant get it to come out im guessing theres a trick. please be detailed. thank you.

The female (top) part of the coupler gets wider near the bottom. Squeeze the hell out of that arch between the narrow and wider part. I have to squeeze super tight then it comes out. Not sure if this is the "right" way, but it works. Again, maybe not the right way but I've used channel lock pliers to lighty squeeze that area and it comes out easily as you pull on the bottom.



What coupler are you referring to? I'm guessing the one for the GYTR tuner. There is a small button/clip in the center of the connector on the outboard side. Pull the clip outward and pull the connector apart.

U have to turn ur finger nail towards the frame put it inside between the coupler and coupler housing now push out away from frame and pull down with other hand at the same time very easy once figured out

There's a little lever up inside on the tip of my finger, pull it outwards while pulling the cable down with your other hand. 


This did my head in for days before i finally googled it..




I'm glad this question was asked because it's been a hassle for me.

And on the top and on the back there is another lever you can push towards the frame to get the plug cap to come off the frame.

thanks 2 all

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