Fork twist in triple clamp ?

Had a minor crash and now there seams to be a missalignment of the forks through the tripple clamp and lower clamp. Question: is it possible or even common for the forks to turn or twist in the clamps and caused a misalignment of the upper and lower. The light holder and odometer holder were slightly bent and I straightened all that up but, there still seems to be some weirdness not related to the handlebars. Any thoughts ??

Every time I tweak the front end, I need to loosen the top triple clamp bolts, the RH axle clamp AND the top triple tree nut. It's almost impossible to re-align the front end without loosening all three...

In a pinch when out on the trail and this happens to me I will stand in front of the bike, hold the handle bars and kick the wheel back into alignment. I use the bottom of my boot so as to not dent the rim. I have heard about guys using trees also. With the front tire beside a tree, turn the bars quickly and with enough force to push the wheel back around. The right way is the way it was described in the post before this one.

I've used "the tree method" out on the trails too. You really have to give it a good whack to straighten things out. Once you get it home, loosen everything up and doo it right..

Well this confirms my thoughts. Just put new Renthal bars on and hoping they were not bent. Makes since to loosen all components and start from scratch. I've done the tree manuver on other bikes but this front end seems so much heavyer duty than other bikes Ive had. Thanks to all for the tips. I'll give it a try and post results.

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